Our Four-Legged Companions Are Helping Lick Cancer

Another publication has written about the importance of canine models in cancer research.  In the current issue of the ASBMB Today, the newsletter for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology featured a story titled, “Chasing cancer with dogs” focusing on the connection between dogs, humans, and cancer and the exploration for a cure.

Cancer is rampant among humans and dogs.  Cancer occurs in one in every three women and in half of all men.  According to Michael Kastan, the Executive Director of the Duke Cancer Institute, it kills half of all dogs under the age of 10.  Because cancer is naturally occurring in dogs, studying canines with cancer may help answer questions that remain unanswered from studies in humans and rodents.  Humans and dogs share many similarities with the disease, such as tumor genetics, recurrence, metastasis and therapeutic response.

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