This NABR webinar reviewed recommendations contained in Chapter 3 of the new Guide and its impact on your animal care and use program. Identifying changes to the Guide is more important than ever as AAALAC is now using the Eighth Edition of the Guide to assess and accredit animal care and use programs and OLAW has announced plans to issue position statements after it completes an in-depth analysis of the public comments it received in May.
Chapter 3 provides guidelines for the environment, housing and management of laboratory animals used or produced for research, testing, and teaching. While the increase in the total number of “musts” and the addition of 20 pages are largely attributed to a new aquatic animal section, there are 164 “shoulds” that may require changes to your animal care and use program. Topics covered by this webinar will include:

Environment, Housing and Management of Terrestrial Animals
Changes to Cage Size Recommendations for Trio Breeding
The Results of a NABR Survey of Predominantly Used Cage Sizes
Environment, Housing and Management of Aquatic Animals