NABR and Florida Research Primate Breeding Facilities Featured in Bloomberg Business

An in-depth article about four facilities providing nonhuman primates (NHP) for research, “How Monkeys Became Big Business in Florida,” appeared in yesterday's Bloomberg Business. While the piece is accompanied by some good photos of NHPs, the “moving” picture shown on the opening webpage stands to be misinterpreted. Nevertheless, the story by Felix Gillette is balanced and provides insights into a local situation receiving public attention. The sub-headline summarizes the situation: “The breeders are proud. The activists are mad. The neighbors are confused. And the monkeys still have good aim.”

Early in the article, NABR executive vice president Matthew Bailey explains the critical role monkeys play in basic scientific and medical research as well as in testing new drugs and vaccines before they are marketed. “The use of monkeys has been essential,” said Bailey, “in developing cures for everything from typhus to polio and is integral to the study of currently incurable diseases such as Alzheimer’s and AIDS.” He further suggested, “If you agree with the animal rights narrative, open up your medicine cabinet and throw out all your pills, including your child’s pain reliever. Because without animals in preclinical research and testing, we wouldn’t have them.”

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