Have You Registered for ‘Q&A with the USDA?’

If you haven’t yet reserved your spot for NABR’s next webinar on Tuesday, July 24, please do so ASAP. NABR once again welcomes Drs. Elizabeth Meek and Bill Stokes, the Eastern and Western Region Assistant Directors for Animal Welfare Operations, to its headquarters for the Sixth Edition of "Q&A with the USDA." Drs. Meek and Stokes are directly responsible for the oversight of the inspection and reporting process. NABR members will have a unique opportunity like none other, to ask questions directly to the leadership of the USDA Animal Care’s Animal Welfare Operations. Mark your calendars.

All questions must be submitted in advance to info@nabr.org. They will be reviewed and formatted to prevent duplication and will be answered in the order they are received, so please submit them as soon as possible. We will schedule the session for an hour (12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Eastern), but will continue the webinar until all questions have been answered.