The National Association for Biomedical Research provides the following services to its members:


Represents the views of NABR members on the essential role of animals in research to the U.S. Congress by encouraging supportive legislation, providing comments on pending proposals, presenting testimony at Congressional hearings, and serving as an information source for Congressional staff and constituents.


Acts as a liaison between NABR members and federal agencies regulating the care and use of laboratory animals.


Communicates federal and state legislative information and provides members with summaries, or full texts of bills, legislative history and trends, listings of pending legislation, and other helpful information to facilitate working with lawmakers.


Motivates the membership to become involved with decision-making processes at various levels of government through timely Alerts, which offer analyses of issues, sample responses, and suggested strategies.


Serves as a resource for the media, offering factual information about the role of animals in biomedical research.


Advises individual member institutions regarding local events and situations arising from "animal rights" movement activities.