Research Responds to Critics in Today’s “Congress Blog”

Today, February 23, the Congressional news website, The Hill, featured an insightful and interesting pro-research piece in its “Congress Blog” entitled, “Childhood adversity needs more research, not less.”

In the op-ed, Paul McKellips, the Executive Vice President of the Foundation for Biomedical Research, defends the humane use of animal models, like primates and rodents, in studying childhood stress to help determine and treat behavioral and emotional problems in adulthood from critics. Animal rights groups like the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have targeted this important effort with advertisements, letter writing campaigns, and Congressional staff briefings.

McKellips writes, “Unfortunately, that research is under attack. Some activists claim that it's needlessly cruel. It's not. What is cruel, however, is shutting down a line of scientific inquiry that may help scientists mitigate -- or even reverse -- the effects of childhood psychological adversity.”

To read McKellips’ piece, please click here.

British Heart Foundation Responds to Opponents of Animal Research

Last weekend in the United Kingdom, the Waltham Forest Animal Protection group mounted a demonstration against the British Heart Foundation (BHF) over funding cardiac research with animal models and the BHF responded.

Simon Gillespie, the chief executive of BHF, responded to protesters saying, “The majority of lifesaving medical advances that today benefit millions of heart patients involved research involving animals,” adding, “At the BHF, we’re dedicated to saving lives by developing better treatments and cures for heart and circulatory conditions that affect the lives of more than seven million people across the UK.”

To read the February 18 news report, please click  here.

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