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NABR:  National Association for Biomedical Research Capitol Building
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    BioMedical Research	issue culture hood-sm Woven into the fabric of our daily lives are the products of biomedical research. Today more than ever, people are living longer and better lives thanks to our ever-increasing knowledge about how the body works, and how to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. On a daily basis, headlines trumpet the latest medical discoveries and the internet serves to educate and connect patients with researchers studying innovative new therapies.

    Behind the headlines and websites touting the latest breakthroughs and medical therapies, are people who have dedicated their careers to biomedical research. The medical treatments that benefit us today come from years, if not decades, of research requiring a collaborative and multidisciplinary team of research scientists, physicians, nurses, engineers, statisticians, veterinarians, animal care technicians, and many others.

    BioMedical ResearchDNA ladders-sm Biomedical research is at the heart of the process of discovering new biological mechanisms, and interpreting new biological observations. Only through understanding how living systems function normally as well as learning how and why normal processes fail and result in disease can scientists advance our ability to improve human and animal health. Through this increased understanding, biomedical researchers have discovered ways to improve health, prevent disease, develop new methods, medications, medical devices, and other products to treat and cure conditions that cause death and disability. Biomedical research enhances the core mission of medicine, and is a key component to the education of new generations of health professionals. Research to discover biological mechanisms and answer questions of human health and the etiology of disease drive biomedical research and lead to breakthroughs, new treatments, and hopes for the future.