#ThrowbackThursday Video: Will I Be Alright, Doctor?

“Will I be alright, doctor?”  This is a question that doctors in America hear thousands of times through the course of their medical career. But did you know it is also the title of the Foundation for Biomedical Research’s (FBR) first educational film on the subject of animal research?

Will I Be Alright, Doctor?” first premiered at a Capitol Hill reception in Washington, DC in 1984 to great acclaim.  The video, narrated by pediatric cardiologist Dr. Allan Goldblatt, was created to show the public the critical importance of animal research in discovering new medicines, treatments, and surgical techniques to better improve global human and animal health.

Please take a few minutes to watch this highly regarded documentary and please share it with your family, friends, colleagues, and on social media.  To view, “Will I Be Alright, Doctor?” please click here or view the video below.