Take a Look into Zika Research in a Primate Lab

Because of the nature of their work and the threats to their security from terrorists and animal rights extremists, many labs around the world conducting important animal research are very cautious about allowing outsiders inside for a visit. Until now. The reporters at STAT have just provided the public an insider’s view of work being conducted at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in the race to defeat one of the world’s most fearful viruses: Zika.

Yesterday’s report highlights the urgent speed at which researchers, with primates, are rushing to find a vaccine for the Zika virus. Time is of the essence and these critical protocols are being fast-tracked to learn everything there is to know about Zika. Readers are introduced to the safety precautions, enrichment stimulants, and a first-hand description of the procedures involved in these protocols. If you’ve ever wanted to step into a primate lab, yesterday’s article in STAT will give you a very well detailed and explained experience.

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