Research Community Releases Three Resources Lauding the Critical Need for Monkeys

Over the past few weeks the biomedical research community has shared with the public, policymakers, and media three well-written resources emphasizing the vital importance of nonhuman primates (NHP) in life-improving and life-saving research. These three tools highlight the irreplaceable nature of monkeys in the endeavor to better understand, treat and cure a wide array of diseases and conditions including autism, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, Zika virus, HIV/AIDS and Parkinson’s disease.

Along with The Critical Role of Nonhuman Primates in Medical Research, the authoritative white paper written by nine of the nation’s top scientific organizations, two recently released resources thave been published. To supplement the white paper and to further highlight the irreplaceable contributions of primates to medical progress with the lay public, the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) unveiled a colorful, quick and easy-to-read infographic designed to be shared on social media. FBR also produced a concise, full-color brochure illustrating how far medicine has come with the help of monkeys in research. Designed to be visually appealing, it takes both a look into the past and highlights innovative cures and treatments for cancer, HIV/AIDS, Zika virus, fetal development, Alzheimer's disease, organ transplants, and much more. To read the brochure, The Lifesaving Benefits of Primate Research, please click here.

Please print, share, and distribute the white paper, infographic, and brochure via email and social media to help highlight the importance of primates in research.