Registration Now Available for NABR’s Next Webinar, “Participating in the Public Policy Process”

NABR is the only national, nonprofit organization dedicated solely to advocating for sound public policy that recognizes the vital role animals play in biomedical research. NABR members play a unique and irreplaceable role in public policy process, especially when Congress considers legislation impacting biomedical research and when federal agencies propose new regulations.

Join us Tuesday, October 11 at 12:30 p.m. for NABR’s next webinar, Help Us Help You: Participating in the Public Policy Process. This webinar will provide participants with the necessary information to become an active participant in the regulatory and legislative processes and provides guidance about how to help shape the environment in which we all work. NABR’s program will share an insider's perspective into Washington that highlights important aspects of policymaking by using recent legislative initiatives and Federal Register notices to demonstrate the importance of participation.

As always, space is limited for NABR's webinars so please be sure to register ASAP to guarantee your spot for Help Us Help You: Participating in Public Policy Process. Please click here to reserve your spot.