Opinion Piece by FBR, NABR President in Houston Chronicle: Animal Research is Crucial to Pets and their Owners

On August 21, the Houston Chronicle featured an opinion piece by NABR and Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) President Matthew Bailey discussing how pet lovers should be supportive of animal research. Further exemplifying FBR’s Love Animals? Support Animal Research campaign, Bailey’s piece titled, “Animal research is crucial for pets and their owners,” shows directly how researchers are doing everything from helping eradicate cancer to developing new anti-inflammatory drugs, so our pets can live lover, happier, and healthier lives.

“Animal research has already saved, and will continue to save, millions of pets' lives. Without animal research, how many of our cats would be dying prematurely of leukemia? Or how many of our dogs would be unable to run and play because of debilitating arthritic pain,” writes Bailey. Bailey notes how researchers are testing a cancer vaccine with dogs, working on helping cats with failing kidneys, and searching for the first definitive non-invasive diagnostic test for feline infectious peritonitis. Please take a moment to leave a positive comment in support of Bailey’s opinion piece by clicking here.