Webinar held: Tuesday July 12, 2011

As OLAW is considering comments on the new Guide and AAALAC will begin using the new edition for program evaluations beginning in September 2011, now is the time to ensure you know how changes to the Guide will impact your Animal Care and Use Program. This NABR webinar will provide a detailed review and analysis of chapters 1 and 2, primarily focusing on Chapter 2. Chapter 2 is more than twice as long as the corresponding chapter in the previous edition of the Guide and contains 70% more “musts” and 68% more “shoulds”. Chapter 2 also includes the following topics, which will be covered in our webinar:

• Program Management ( Program Management Responsibility & Personnel Management)
• Program Oversight (Role of the IACUC, Postapproval Monitoring)
• Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness

To put these changes in perspective requires an analysis of where new “musts” and “shoulds” appear within the chapter and the impact they will have on the management of your Animal Care and Use Program.

To download a PDF copy of the slides, click here.
To download a PDF copy of the slides and speaker notes, click here.