Have you ever wondered about the changes to Chapter 7 of the Animal Welfare Inspection Guide (AWIG)? Are you curious about the new requirements for completing and filing the USDA’s Annual Report (Form 7023)? Do you want clarification on reportable exceptions? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you cannot afford to miss NABR’s webinar, “It’s Not the Same Old Same Old: Completing Your 2015 Annual Report.”

This exclusive webinar, hosted by NABR’s Senior Scientific Advisor Dr. Taylor Bennett, will cover these questions and give their impact on the USDA annual report process a thorough review. The webinar will also provide another look at the importance of compiling a report accurately reflecting the activity at your institution without unnecessary details that could place you in jeopardy.

All of those responsible for compiling and submitting the annual report should be aware of the changes, namely the clarification of reportable exceptions, and be adjusting their internal policies and procedures to incorporate those changes.