John Sancenito, our guest presenter, is a former law enforcement professional and president of INA, an international security consulting and risk management firm headquartered in Harrisburg, PA. Mr. Sancenito is considered one of the foremost experts in animal rights and environmental extremism.

Animal rights and environmental activists often use infiltration to clandestinely gain employment — with hostile or subversive intent — at a facility or organization. The goal is to surreptitiously obtain information for use against the targeted company. Infiltration is a real threat for all animal use and care programs, and since 1981, there have been 89 verified infiltrations at research laboratories with animal care and use programs. Many animal rights extremists still consider this technique to be the backbone of the movement. Animal rights groups actively recruit, train, and deploy infiltrators to further their goal of ending the humane use of animals in research.

This is a must-see presentation that will feature an analysis of the techniques used by activist infiltrators. You can also expect to learn how to protect your institution from such threats.