As the USDA inspection process continues to evolve in this “Age of Enforcement,” it is important to review and analyze the most frequently cited items of non-compliance and discuss what they may mean to your institution. This January 10, 2012 webinar:

• Reviewed and analyzed the top 10 most frequently cited items of non-compliance for FY 2011 (61% involved IACUC activities);
• Compared the citations for FY 2011 with those reported for FY 2010 and assess the differences between the two periods;
• Discussed what these differences may mean to your institution; and
• Provided proven tips to help you successfully manage the inspection process.


Bonus Webinar on OLAW’s Position Statements




This bonus presentation covered OLAW’s recently-announced position statements on their adoption of the new Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. The webinar was held immediately after webinar “Examining USDA’s ‘Age of Enforcement'” and is approximately 15 minutes in length.