NABR DOT Complaint Makes Headlines

As you may be aware, NABR has filed an official complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding the refusal of major airlines to carry animals for the purpose of research. The docket closed for comments on December 6th, with comments of support from 156 organizations, representing hundreds of thousands of research professionals. Additionally, hundreds of individuals in the research community commented, expressing their support for NABR's complaint. For everyone who made comments, we thank you.

And boy did your comments get attention! The Chicago Tribune ran a piece entitled, "Scientists say United, other airlines illegally refuse to fly lab monkeys, fearing animal rights protesters." The highlight of this piece was, "The association [NABR] says many other airlines also refuse to carry animals used in biomedical research even though the carriers will fly those same species if they're pets or destined for zoos and sanctuaries. That policy is hampering vital research needed to develop medicines and therapies."

Outsourcing-pharma also weighed in with an article titled, "‘Patients will lose’ if airlines refuse to transport lab animals: NABR files complaint." NABR President Matthew Bailey warned the zoo, agriculture, entertainment, and pet industries to pay close attention, "because if airlines are making decisions based on the word of PETA, which opposes animal use in most of those areas, they very well may be next."