NABR Compiles Valuable Information on Importance of Cats in Biomedical Research

In order to provide NABR’s members and the public with the most current and vital information about the important role that specific animal models play in the endeavor to conquer illness and disease, NABR has posted a page about the influence of feline models on biomedical research.  The information about cats joins NABR’s pages about other research animals like rodents, dogs, and nonhuman primates.

NABR’s review of feline models covers the influence they have had on aging and Alzheimer’s, cancer, genetics, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, and vision research.  There are between 75-80 million cats in American homes today and given their immense popularity, this resource should provide a better understanding into the work to keep cats living longer and healthier lives while helping humans, as well.

To read NABR’s review of feline research, please take a moment to click here.