Lab Animal Transportation FAQ’s Now Available on

Recently, those who oppose animal research have engaged in harassment, protests, and public smear campaigns to end the transportation of laboratory animals even though they play an indispensable role in human and veterinary research.  To assist the research community in presenting factual information on laboratory animal research, NABR has just added a new page to its website, FAQ’s on Transportation of Lab Animals, to help educate the public and members of the media.

These FAQ’s cover several different points about the issue of lab animal transport from the necessity of animal research to how they are transported from point A to point B, even discussing the pitfalls of eliminating this important piece of the research puzzle. The FAQ’s have also been added to NABR’s No Cargo, No Cure page which includes more information on animal transport including support statements from a number of American and international institutions.

We encourage you to share these FAQ’s with your friends, family, colleagues, and on social media.  Please click here to view the FAQ’s or visit NABR’s No Cargo, No Cure page.