How You Can Help Change Minds about Animal Research

Earlier today, the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) blogged about a very simple and quick way that the pro-research community can stand-up and help change the public’s perception about vital life-saving and life-improving animal research: commenting in the digital age.

Don’t be shy.  When you read a new story about animal research, regardless of the viewpoint of the article, share your pro-research perspective in the comments section.  Don’t be afraid to use your expertise to help others understand the importance of research animals in scientific discovery.  After all, they support it.  Polling shows that support for animal research jumps to over 75% when the specific goals of animal research, like vaccines for infectious diseases, cures for terminal illnesses and new treatments for degenerative brain diseases, are explained.

Voicing your support and clarifying the issue in the comments section of media reports will only help boost this public support.  To read FBR’s posting on this and to learn more about how you can help quell the spread of misinformation on animal research, please click here.