Animal Rights Activists Discover the Truth After Touring Research Facility

It is a well-known fact that opposition to animal research has waged a long campaign of misinformation to misguide the public’s perception.  Recently the University of Guelph in Canada took invited individuals from an activist group to tour its facility.  As the blog Speaking of Research describes, the results were quite surprising.

The group, calling itself the Animal Rights Compliance, was given an insider look at the University’s operations giving a glowing, honest review of a research program striving to improve global human and animal health.  The group notes:

“Mary was very transparent with the University’s policies and I was given a tour of where, currently, only 6 dogs are housed. I was impressed with several issues; The University has extensive dogwalking/caregiving procedures, as well as adoption policies using staff, students and volunteers. It works in co-ordination with the local and area Humane Societies. My understanding is that their treatment models are evolving all the time, with the replacement of live animals with other means whenever possible. Another example is that spay and neutered pets are regularly returned to the Humane Society for adoption.”

These are strange words coming from an organization who states support on their Facebook page for “The complete abolition vivisection, animal research or drug testing cosmetics, testing of consumer products on animals. Infractions need to be dealt with by fines and minimum incarceration times.”

To learn more, please click here to read Speaking of Research’s account of the interaction.