And the Oscar Goes to…

The Oscars aren’t for a few days but the team at the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) has a suggestion for the Award for the Best Supporting Role: the rat and the mouse.  The contributions of these valuable research animals have been valuable to researchers in the ongoing medical drama that is finding cures and improving human and animal life.  In their latest release, “Presenting the Award for Best Supporting Role in a Medical Drama,” FBR takes a look at some of these contributions and discusses the importance of those discoveries.

We as humans share about 97% of our DNA with rodent models so it makes sense that 95% of animals in research are rats and mice.  For over 200 years, they have been indispensable in securing today’s cures and therapies all while paving the way for more.  Rodent models have helped sequence the human genome and develop the use of human embryonic stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries.  Rats and mice are essential in research into Alzheimer ’s disease, cancer, blindness, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, Fragile X syndrome, high cholesterol, HIV/AIDS, influenza, meningitis B, multiple sclerosis, radiation sickness, SARS, stroke, tuberculosis vaccination, and tumor metastasis, just to name a few.

Please take a moment to read FBR’s report, “Presenting the Award for Best Supporting Role in a Medical Drama,” and share it with your friends, family, colleagues, and on Twitter and Facebook.

With the huge volume of success made possible by rats and mice, they are well-deserving of a Lifetime Achievement Award.