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  • Statement on the IOM Chimp Report  

    At Congress’ request, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) commissioned the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to conduct a large-scale study assessing the current and anticipated need for chimpanzee research relevant to the mission of NIH.  After nine months of evaluation, discussion and review, which included hearing from the nation’s leading experts in chimpanzee research and many science and animal advocacy groups, the IOM has concluded chimpanzees remain a unique and important animal model in certain areas of biomedical research, but are no longer necessary models for the study of other diseases. The National Association for Biomedical Research (NABR), which represents the scientific community, appreciates the IOM’s thorough assessment of this complex and important matter.


     “While the IOM report makes clear that chimpanzee research should be limited, it also states chimpanzee research may still be necessary for research that meets IOM recommended criteria,” said NABR vice president Matt Bailey. “As an organization, NABR goes where the science takes us and the IOM recommendation is supported by extensive scientific data.”


    Historically, chimpanzees have made invaluable contributions to science and medicine including the development of vaccines for hepatitis A and B.  Chimpanzees have helped scientists gain important insights into diseases such as hepatitis C, malaria, HIV, human cytomegalovirus (HCV) and cancer. However, the role of chimpanzees in medical and scientific research has been on a natural decline due to both scientific progress and commitment to alternative research methods.  Animal models have been and continue to be critical for the discovery of cures, treatments and therapies for both people and animals.




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